Before you begin adding users to your account, you should first understand the difference in user types. 

Types of Users

An owner user has complete access to an account. They can view and edit all forms, view all submissions, create tags and stages, assign users to submissions, customize the account settings, as well as update and create new users.

director user (previously an admin) has access to all forms that they have created or that have been shared with them. They can assign processor users to view submissions in the GRM and can build and customize portal pages in the Service Center.

A processor user (previously a member) will only have access to submissions on forms they've built and that have been shared with them on a form-wide in SeamlessDocs or assigned to them on a one-by-one basis in the GRM. Submissions can be assigned manually by owner and director users or automatically assigned using the 
submission rule builder.

visitor user will only have access to view their own submissions. These are free and unlimited and can be created at the signup page.

How to Add Users

PLEASE NOTE: Only owner users will be able to add new users to your account. 

1. From the Lobby, click your name in the top right to bring down the Account Menu and then click Users.

You can see how many user credits you have left in the top right.

2. Click Add User under Administrators or Members, depending on which type you are adding.

3. Fill in the appropriate information and click Save.

The new user will automatically receive an email to reset their password.