September 2019 

Do you want to be able to have a Visitor User created automatically? Try out Co-Registration!

August 2019

We're in the process of migrating all of our GRM features into the Submissions Manager and so far we have added Tags, Stages and Assignments! 

If you're a user of the GRM and would like to see these let us know!

July 2019

At SeamlessDocs we care a lot about Security and as a result we have released a major upgrade to our platform called Private PDF's. Now the link that contain your sensitive data will expire automatically after a certain period of time to ensure that data is secure and only accessible to those who need it.

2018 and beyond!


With the Submission Rule Builder you can now automatically assign specific users, apply tags and stages and notify specific people based on a selection made or entered on a form. This can be based on a specific value that was entered or selected or for all submissions.

New User Types!

We've added explanations for each role type when you are adding or changing a user's role to add more clarity the user permissions structure:

The Service Center!

We are excited to announce the Service Center!

The Service Center creates an organized and simple way of presenting your paperless forms and services to your citizens and staff on a single centralized platform. More than just delivering a paperless way to complete forms and applications the Service Center allows you to offer Online Services easily with a completely customizable and beautiful page.


Ongoing upgrades to the GRM (Government Relationship Manager)

Although you won't see any difference just yet we are in the middle of a big push to release a lot of upgrades to the performance and functionality of the GRM. Please keep on the lookout for a big announcement in the coming weeks with some exciting new features!


Conditional Notifications Update (Docs and Web Forms)
You can now check the contents of input fields (single and multi-line) for text matches. Also, in addition to checking if field values are equal, users can now utilize the contains comparator to check if an input field contains certain words or characters.


Encrypt PDFs with Password Protection
You can encyprt PDFs so that they are only viewable by those with a password. This protects all methods of accessing the PDF of a submission including email notifications and the submission manager.


Exclude Submission Data from Emails
If a you would like to exclude all of the submission data from the notification emails, but still use the emails as notifications of activity, you can choose to exclude submission data from the Submission Notification and/or Submission Receipt email(s).


Delete Forms
The ability to delete a form can be accessed from the “Archive” folder in the SeamlessDocs Lobby. When you select an archived form on the list, you will now be presented with the “delete” option in the toolbar, along side a new “restore” icon.

PDF Inclusion Settings
PDF Inclusion settings will give form creators the ability to disable the inclusion of PDFs (as link and/or attachment) in the Thank You page, email notifications, and manage signers. This new feature can be used to disable the inclusion of PDFs as links and/or attachments, and can be found under the following settings:

Settings > Thank You Page > “Show PDF Preview”‍

Settings > Custom Email Settings > “Submission Notifications” | “Submission Receipts” | “Activity Notifications”

“Signers” > “Manage Signers” > Envelope Icon-enabled message settings


More Conditional Show/Hide Fields (Web Forms + Wizards)
We've got more form elements that you can use conditionally! How are you using conditional fields?

Triggers Time Customization (GRM)

We've added more in-depth input capabilities for some components of Conversations and Triggers.


Conditional Notifications (Docs + Web Forms)
Easily create and define rules for notifications on submissions and then customize those notifications for maximum impact.
Watch an introductory video. 


Record Portal Search Improvements (GRM)
We made a search improvement that allows matches across distinct fields' values. Specifically, a search for "apple pear" will now match submissions where one field has "apple" and a different field has "pear"

Add Custom Emails to Trigger Notifications (GRM)
Now you can customize the email you are sending out based on trigger notifications!

Increased Loading and Searching Speeds (GRM)
We've improved the load times and search speeds in the GRM to get you to your data faster!


Comments are now Conversations! (GRM)
Communication with your form submitters is now even easier! You can even mass message multiple submitters.

Resizing Images in your Cover Letter (Docs)
Now your Cover Letter is more customizable than ever! There will be a curser that the GIF is not showing to guide the size of your image.

Add Text Color and Images to Cover Letter (Docs)

Use Columns with Checkboxes and Radio Buttons (Web Forms)
We've added columns to Radio Buttons and Checkboxes in your Web Forms Editor! You are now able to organize your checkbox and radio button options into two columns. Just toggle 'Show your options in two columns' to 'Yes' in your Checkbox/Radio Group Inspector.

Here is the feature in Live View!

Updated Web Form PDF
You spoke and we listened! We've condensed the padding on our web form PDFs to take up less space.