SeamlessPay makes collecting payments on your forms simple! 

To collect payments and fees with SeamlessPay:

  1. While in the editor of your SeamlessDoc, select Add Ons and then Process Payments from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Once you are brought to the Payment Processing modal, select  SeamlessPay as your payment provider. To accept payment, you will need to create an account with Stripe, or log in to your existing account. 

NOTE: SeamlessPay uses Stripe as the payment provider.

If you want to enable payments on a web form, then you will drag and drop the SeamlessPay element from the Payment Tools section. Just like with your SeamlessDoc, you will need to either log in or create an account in order to start collecting payments. 

3. Once you're all connected, all you need to is enter the fee you will require, or refer to the field value where the total fee calculation is completed. 

Payment Amount Source

When setting up your payment you'll need to choose a source for the amount to be charged. SeamlessDocs offers three different types of payment:

Static - The amount you're charging your end user will always be the same, regardless of information entered on the form.

Field Value - This will pull the amount to charge your end user from a field on your form. This is great to use with calculations. You'll be prompted to enter the Field Label of the total amount to charge.

User Input - This will prompt your end user to enter the amount they would like to be charged.

NOTE: If you are collecting payments on a web form, then you can only create static values for different items. There is no way to incorporate the field value or have user input to total a payment. All payments on a web form, regardless of your payment provider, will look like the image below: 

Connecting Different Stripe Accounts to Different Forms

As a user, you can have a separate account associated with each doc that has SeamlessPay enabled! This means that you can create unique Stripe accounts for your different departments.

Upon adding SeamlessPay to a new doc, your settings will automatically be associated to your profile. This allows you to quickly add SeamlessPay to new documents without having to re-authenticate with each time. In order to associate a different account to a doc, just click the "disconnect" button, and reconnect with the Stripe account you'd like to use. We store Stripe settings to each individual doc, so each doc can have a separate Stripe account for other forms if you wish.

SeamlessPay (Stripe) Fees

All processing fees are passed onto the form submitter, dependent on the total transaction.

Fee Calculation

To calculate total charge you must note the following variables:

  • Merchant fee (2.99%)
  • Application fee ($0.30)
  • Transaction fee ($0.30-$5.00) {See table below}

The total Charge will be calculated at:

( Subtotal + Transaction Fee + $0.30 ) + 2.99% of that
( Subtotal + Transaction Fee + $0.30 ) * 1.0299


If your subtotal is $100, the total charge to the end user will be:

($100+$1.00+$0.03) + 2.99%*($100+$1.00+$0.03) = 104.33


($100+$1.00+$0.03)*1.0299 = $104.33

Note: when you chose not to pass on the fees to the end user, you will receive the amount they paid MINUS the Transaction fee.

Transaction Fee Table: