SeamlessDocs allows companies and governments to customize the domain of their web forms and SeamlessDocs with a feature called Private Labeling. For example, if your form's URL is, it can be customized to

White Labeling will make it easier for you to integrate the powerful service of SeamlessDocs into your website with your brand identity.

To enable this feature, please contact our sales department before proceeding. Once the feature is added to your account, all you need to do is add a CNAME Record to your DNS that will point to your SeamlessDocs account domain. Follow the steps below to learn how to add a CNAME Record:

To learn how to add a CNAME Record for GoDaddy, click here, and for other domain providers, click here.

For this example, we will be showing how to add a CNAME Record using Namecheap.

1. Sign in to your domain's account from your domain host or provider.

2. Find the page for updating your domain's DNS Records.

3. Access your Records settings. In this example, we will go to the "All Host Records" tab.

4. Add a Record type of CNAME (alias). Fill in the following information:

Host Name - the subdomain for the alias assignment

Alias Name - the IP Address or URL you want to point to

TTL - how long your settings are cached with your Internet Service Provider

5. Save your changes.

It usually takes several hours for the CNAME Record to go into effect.

Now, when a user goes to, they will be redirected to the associated SeamlessDocs account.