You can allow your end users to attach additional documentation (photo ID, site plans, resumes, etc.) to be submitted along with your form. 

To request attachments on your SeamlessDoc: 

  1. Select Add Ons and then choose Add Request Attachments. 
  2. Once you're in the pop-up window, the first thing you want to do is turn ON Enable Attachments
  3. After you've turned on attachments, you can start customizing the attachment popup description text and title, the attachment name, and even make the attachment required in order to submit. 

You can also assign specific signers to either upload an attachment or to review another signer's attachment. 

To assign signers to upload a submission: 

While in the attachment pop-up window, select the signer that you'd like to upload the submission under Assign to a Signer. You can only assign one attachment to one signer. If you need to assign it to multiple signers, then create an attachment for each signer.  

Then, when the signer is in the Live View of the form, they will be prompted to upload the attachment they were assigned. 

To assign a signer to review an uploaded attachment

First, turn on the Add a Reviewer toggle. Then a drop-down menu of the signers' names will appear; select the signer that you'd like to review the attachment. 

Then, when the signer that is assigned to review the attachment goes to sign the form, they will be prompted to view the attachment. 

Note: End users will be restricted from uploading Zip and DMG files to ensure a higher level of security.

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